Apple: 10.5-Inch iPad Pro is Crazy on Sale.

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Apple: 10.5-Inch iPad Pro is Crazy on Sale.
It is reported that Apple announced that full new 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be launched into China market through Apple Tmall flagship store as well as it will sell in America at the same time. 10.5-inch iPad as the blockbuster product sells 5188 Yuan. And some report says 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be directly reduced 400 yuan at first issue. According to GSMArena report today, although it10.5-inch iPad is the first issue, if you buy it from Wal-Mart(limited to 256GB) and will save $60,


Pro12.9-inch iPad Pro will simultaneously come into the market with 10.5-inch. But compared to 10.5- inch, its delivery time basically is within 5-7 days, 1-2weeks for a longer time. Two novels WLAN+Cellular model will sell at the end of this month at the fastest speed.

What’s improvement in 10.5-inch iPad Pro?

 The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro comes with a screen nearly 20 percent larger than the 9.7-inch model, so we can get more room to do more. It’s just as portable as ever. With the larger display made possible through a small size increase and bezels that are 40% thinner. Apple says it chose the new screen size because it's perfect for a full-size on-screen keyboard and full-sized Smart Keyboard.


The new 10.5-inch iPad features a 2224 x 1668 display. With the improved refresh rate, motion content on the screen is smoother, crisper, and more responsive, and the Apple Pencil is faster, with a 20ms latency that makes it feel just like writing on paper. ProMotion also dynamically adjusts refresh rate, which can save significant battery life.


According to Apple news: iPad has always offered the ultimate Multi-Touch experience. The redesigned Retina display on iPad Pro sets a whole new standard. It’s not just brighter and less reflective, and it’s far more responsive than anything that’s come before. Whether you’re scrolling through pages in Safari or playing an intense 3D game, everything feels utterly smooth, fast, and immersive.




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