iPhone 8, Win iPhone 8 & New Release iPhone 8 Case and Accessories.

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iPhone 8, Win iPhone 8 & New Release iPhone 8 Case and Accessories.

Last year on September 7, our world was introduced to iPhone 7. It was sure after then that iPhone 8 will be out in the stores soon. In fact, New iPhone 8 leaks are getting dumped in our laps every day.

Let’s have a look at these main features that are suspected of making upcoming iPhone 8

 OLED display

The next iPhone will have OLED display, allowing Apple to introduce a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a better display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors. In fact, it's this new display technology -- well, new for Apple, Samsung has been using it for years.It may also feature edges that are curved on both sides, but rumors are unclear on this point.

Touch ID

Touch ID has been a great factor to the security of Apple devices. The touch ID in the Apple device has always been advanced and quick compared to its competitors. The upcoming iPhone 8 is all set to have a display with touch id integrated into it. The home button also serving as the touch ID will no more be seen in the upcoming iPhone. Meaning to say, the physical home button will be absent on this smartphone. Moreover, the function bar is suspected of serving as notification bar as well.

Wireless Charging

It is said that Foxconn is testing wireless charging hardware that might see implementation in Apple's 2017 smartphone. Reports suggest wireless charging could be limited to a high-end premium model. In fact, the report said it would include inductive charging and a glass back, but buyers will have to use a separate accessory to motivate wirelessly. The accessory may depend on technology by Luxshare, a Chinese company previously intended to be supplying coils for the wireless charger tied up the Apple Watch.
Many people are already primed lots of money to buy upcoming iPhone 8. If you have this plan, you really need to consider buying a fashion and full protection case and other accessories for your lovely baby.

1.Grab a slim and protective iPhone 8 case       2.Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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1.Slim and Shockproof iPhone 8 case      2.Portable Durable Aluminum Stand

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To be a loyal Apple fans, the Yesgo Protective case for iPhone 8 has colorful design, perfect fit, and semi-transparent shell, which allows you and others to catch a glimpse of the Apple logo on the back of your device. The case has slightly raised lips to protect the camera of the iPhone from scratches.

Anyway, rumors couldn’t work but can be verified by true iPhone 8. Yesgo decides to satisfy your expectations about the device because we will choose a winner to win an iPhone 8 about $1000 once it’s released.(Comments and let your friends to join to increase higher possibility to win.)

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