iPhone 8, iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus: A  Comprehensive Comparison

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iPhone 8, iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus: A  Comprehensive Comparison

The technology world is abuzz with expectation ahead of Apple's special media event in September. After a long wait and lots of anticipation, the iPhone 8 is set to be introduced. Though the iPhone 8 is undeniably one of the most anticipated Apple offerings, you must remember that 2017 has more in store.


Along with this much talked about a variant, Apple will also launch the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Though rumor mills are rife with what this flagship Apple phone would offer, it also makes sense to pay a bit of attention to the other two launches that are scheduled.


Especially, given the fact that the iPhone 8 is likely to be very short in supply and the customers might have to wait for weeks together, current iPhone owners might find it more beneficial upgrading to iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus before iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7S Plus

Broadly if you compare the iPhone 8 with iPhone 7 Plus, leaked images indicate that the profile of both these phones might be similar.

--The iPhone 8 might have a display that is as big as the iPhone 7 Plus with 
minor dimensional differences


--The iPhone 8 is likely to sport a glass body as compared to the 
Aluminium glass body of the iPhone 7 Plus


--Both the models are likely to dust and water resistant with fingerprint touch feature enabled


--While there are no details available about the camera features of the former, the iPhone 7 Plus is likely to sport a 1080x1920 pixel resolution camera.


--The color details of the iPhone 8 is not known either. However, rumors indicate a black and white option with perhaps a brand new color variant. The iPhone 7 Plus is most likely going to be available in black, gold, silver and pink variants.


It is in terms of technological advancement that the iPhone 8 is set to be the next flagship Apple phone with OLED tech. The glass body also indicates that it might also contain the much talked about Ambient light and proximity sensors. This might, after all, enable the so called wireless charging feature that the iPhone 8 is said to sport.


In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus is likely to sport the IPS LCD technology with
pressure-sensitive, Oleophobic coating. It might also have a scratch-resistant glass and could also boast of Proximity and light sensor. However, we have to wait for the final launch to actually know of all the features in details.


However, in terms of pricing, the iPhone 8 is said to be positioned in premium category with $1000 plus price-tag. The iPhone 7 Plus is likely to cost a little over $950. In terms of rating on the basis of features, both these phones are neck to neck in competition.


iPhone 7S Plus Vs iPhone 7S


Now let us compare the iPhone 7S Plus with the iPhone 7S. In terms of pure features, both these iPhones are going to sport an Aluminum body. However, the iPhone 7S is going to be distinctly smaller in size.


--The iPhone 7S will be 4.7 inches in size while the iPhone 7S Plus is 5.5 inches.


--Both phones are fingerprint touch enabled and resistant to water and dust.


--iPhone 7S will sport a dual camera with auto focus while the iPhone 
7S Plus will boast of features like Optical image stabilization, 
back-illuminated sensors and sapphire crystal lens.


--Both the phones will though have the option of geotagging, digital zoom and face detection features.


Technology wise, the iPhone 7S will also sport IPS LCD tech like the iPhone 7S Plus. So both models are pretty much at par with the overall performance and range. In terms of storage space, the iPhone 7S Plus, iPhone 7S as well as the iPhone 8 will have 256 GB space. This no doubt will be one of the key features that could attract a lot of die-hard iPhone users.While the launch date and price of the iPhone 7S Plus is very clearly mentioned, details of the iPhone 7S is as vague as the iPhone 8. Even for the ballpark price range, there have been no hints apart from the fact that it is perhaps going to cost a little less the iPhone 7S Plus. So if the iPhone 8 makes for the higher end of the range, the iPhone 7S will perhaps cater to the lower end of the overall band.


So all in all a fair comparison of these models indicate that the iPhone 7S Plus is closer to the iPhone 8 rather than the iPhone 7S in terms of features, benefits and user convenience.


However, the iPhone 8 undeniably stand apart in terms of the novelty element. Also, the new features that this phone is rumored to sport is set to take mobile technology and its overall advancement to the next level. It is not just about an avant-garde offering but also about syncing trends with innovation.


Protecting Value


But as the image indicates, whether you go for the premium iPhone 8, the mid-range
iPhone 7S Plus or the basic iPhone 7S, a protective covering is extremely important to keep your valuable iPhone intact. In this context, the Yesgo phone case for iPhones are known for their dependability as well as durability
.Overall, the Yesgo phone case has a rather comfortable grip with a slim design. It is made by combining two materials, back shell along with solid rubbery plastic. Not only has it made the grip more comfortable but also made sure the black cover is not too bulky.


This shockproof accessory for iPhone 8, iPhone 7S Plus and the iPhone 7S makes sure that the key features of these phones like water resistance are kept intact. They do not interfere with the overall functionality of the device in any way but at the same time make sure that your phone remains safe and secure


On the whole, we can conclude that the much-anticipated iPhone 8 will undeniably be the show stopper from the Apple stable this September but the iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 7S can't be ignored either. If you are especially in a hurry to upgrade to the next offering than the iPhone 7S Plus might be a better bet. For those keen about the iPhone 8, the wait might be a little longer and even stretch to a few months and not just weeks. Broadly all the three are a perfect marriage of trend with innovation and will help Apple maintain its lead in mobile innovation.

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