iPhone 8 rumor roundup: What's new functions.

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iPhone 8 rumor roundup: What's new functions.

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone which is due for a big change and Apple has something major planned to celebrate the occasion.

Whats new about the iPhone 8 design and specs?

New touch sensors

Apple is reportedly accomplishing new touch sensors for the rumored OLED iPhone 8 model, which will supposedly cost around 50% more than the old touch sensors.The iPhone 8 screen may radically change in size and shape, and it's about time for something bigger and more stylish than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus era display. iPhone 8 is going to sport a curved AMOLED display, possibly concealing the normal "chin" and "forehead" found on most smartphones.

 The OLED iPhone will feature "significant changes in form factor,” suggests Kuo, and will have "considerably better" specifications compared to the LCD models. This means that despite having a smaller screen than the 5.5-inch iPhone Plus model, the OLED version will be the most high-end model. This phone will incorporate a larger 5.8-inch OLED display into the same physical case size as a 4.7-inch iPhone 7. This means the phone will have enormously smaller bezels allowing the screen to dominate the front face. The chassis will apparently be made of stainless steel sides and glass on the front and back.

OLED displays can also be more energy efficient, as unlike LCD displays, they do not require a backlight to illuminate the screen. When displaying black pixels, OLED displays are completely off, which could preserve battery life. 

Who's going to help Apple push all of those extra pixels? Samsung is said to be supplying the OLED screens, beating out Sharp, which was once rumored for the job. Samsung may be able to deliver more curved screen in time, and Apple is said to have just put a curved screen order in with its long-time rival.

Just so it's clear: you might not see the fancy, new OLED display on every iPhone 2017 model due to supply issues. Thus, Apple may include it on just one iPhone 8 version.

Wireless charging

Foxconn is said to be testing wireless charging hardware that might see implementation in Apple's 2017 smartphone. Reports suggest wireless charging could be limited to a high-end premium model. The rumors have been propped up by a new report in early 2017, with supply chain sources claiming that Lite-On Semiconductor has received a sizable order to supply components for the forthcoming "iPhone 8." The report said "half of the orders for GPP bridge rectifiers that will be used in the wireless charger for the upcoming iPhones."

 Another rumor confirmed the inclusion of wireless charging in the 2017 iPhone. In fact, the report said it would include inductive charging and a glass back, but buyers will have to use a separate accessory to motivate wirelessly.

 Reports in September hinted Apple is seeking for manufacturers who can supply wireless charging capable of high energy applications like iPhone.

 J.P. Morgan analyst Harlan Sur claims Apple has worked with Broadcom to develop a next-generation wireless charging system over the last two years. Despite the long latent period,  Sur thinks the "iPhone 8" may not utilize the technology, which implies Apple wants to make sure the technology works without suffering a major power-related issue, similar to Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco.

 A research note by Cowen and Company's Timothy Arcuri provided to AppleInsider in February strongly suggests Apple will be using wireless charging in the "iPhone 8." While bullish on the technology's use in the device, it is unclear what specific solution will be used, noting a large number of chip sets and support for both Qi and Airfuel specifications.

 One notable schematic leak from Steve Hemmerstoffer in April shows the "iPhone 8" with a large section of the back casing that could be used to house wireless charging components. Hemmerstoffer has a track record of accurate leaks, making the image genuine, and in turn giving some evidence to the wireless charging rumors.

What is the price of iPhone 8?

While a number of things remain uncertain about the upcoming iPhone 8, one of the biggest is the price. Apple may launch an iPhone 8 Edition with a fancy curved display and an OLED panel (instead of LCD). That could send the bill of sale (for the parts) up 67%, and that expense may get passed onto you, the consumer.

Its been said several times that Apples latest iPhone 8 flagship will be its most expensive model to date, with reports claiming the device will come in at more than $1,000.

Other analysts have taken a stab at predicting iPhone 8 pricing. Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski predicted that the iPhone 8 will cost $999 for 128GB and $1,099 for 256GB. The discrepancy in pricing between Milunovich and Jankowski could be related to differing storage amounts, with the former perhaps anticipating a 64GB model while the latter predicts a 128GB base.

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