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Samsung S8 VS Iphone 8

Phones have evolved immensely since 1983. Due to development of technology, phones have also evolved from heavy types using buttons to the light ones which do not have buttons but just a screen. Phone companies have emerged since the development of first phones. Each one of them manufacturing and designing different types of phones using the latest technology. The top mobile brands are Apple and Samsung. Samsung brand has become reputable in producing the S series, currently at S8. Apple brand too has become a reputable mobile company brand for producing the iphone, currently expected to release iphone 8.

Samsung and Apple mobile companies have been known to produce the best mobile phones with the latest technology. They are branded as companies manufacturing and designing the best mobile brands. One of the top most brands manufactured and designed by Samsung Company is the S series. The current S series is S8. For Apple, their top most brands related to mobile phones that they manufacture and design is the iphone. The current brand is iphone 8.

Samsung 8 and iphone 8 are the latest mobile phone brands available in the market. Their incredible features and design places them at the top position in the mobile phone market. Their incredible feature makes you to be left in crossroads whether to pick the Samsung S8 or the iphone 8. Let’s start off with their stunning display (Screen)

Screen of display of Samsung S8

The new Samsung S8 has broken through the technology of other smart phone displays by ensuring all that you view from your screen is very clear. The infinity display is very incredible and spills over to the phone’s side. The screen is 5.8 inch and is a super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16M colours. Despite of Samsung S8 being a little bigger, it offers 83.6% screen to body ratio. The design also comes with a multitouch feature. The 5.8 inch screen includes 1440 x 2960 pixels resolution with 570 pixels per inch of pixel density. The Samsung S8 screen is enough to protect the screen as it made from corning Gorilla Glass 5. The screen also is designed to have a 3D touch and uses TouchWiz UI technology. Samsung S8 has an infinity display which is a bezel-less, edge-to-edge, full-frontal screen. The bigger screen allows you to text while watching a movie therefore making it able to multitask efficiently and also you will scroll less.

Screen of display iphone 8

The new iphone 8 screen is expected to use flat displays of all the models. The iphone 8 smart phone will use a screen having new touch sensors. The screen will use OLED technology. The display will be an edge-to-edge design meaning that you will have much view. The screen is expected to be of 5.1 inch. The full edge display will do away with other bezels all these features will be in the new iphone 8. The screen of 5.1 inch will be made up of a flexible plastic OLED rather than using LCD. This will allow iphone 8 to be thinner and consume less power. This will also allow you to have a wide display with a higher ratio of contrast and more true colors. The display will be of a 3D technology. The 5.1 inches screen offers approximately 70.4% screen to body ratio. The resolution is expected to be of 750 x 1334 pixels that is approximately 300 ppi pixel density. The iphone 8 screen is unique as it offers enough protection as it is made from ion-strengthened glass with oleophobic coating. It will have the multitouch feature and a display zoom feature.


Charging feature of Samsung 8

The Samsung S8 has a Li-Ion 3000mAh battery which is non removable. The battery gives you a talk time of above 20 h and allows you to play music play within duration of 67h. The whole battery life has an endurance rating of 84 h. Samsung S8 allows fast charging. This is made possible as the smart phone comes with an Adaptive Fast Charger. Then you will navigate to settings app in your Samsung S8 and turn on the fast cable charging feature.

Charging feature of iphone 8

The best feature when it comes to charging your iphone 8 is that will offer a long-range wireless charging. That can be replaced by inductive-styles of wireless charging. Iphone 8 is expected to have a glass body thus enabling the inductive-style of charging to be applied. This inductive-style of charging will be possible through use of a magnetic coil as the body of the phone will be made out of glass. The battery of iphone 8 will be a non-removable Li-Ion battery.

Samsung S 8 price vs. iphone 8 price

The price of Samsung S8 ranges between $700 and $750. The price varies depending on the mobile phone shop you are purchasing the phone from. The price of iphone 8 is expected to start from $1000. Iphone 8 will come in two capacities and these have different pricing too. For iphone 8 with 128GB the price will be $999 and for iphone 8 with 256GB will be selling at $1099. The price of Samsung S8 and iphone 8 will also vary in different countries.

Iphone 8 Processor

The iphone 8 will use Apple’s A11 chip. The Central Processing Unit is of quad-core technology and will come with an operating system of ios 11.

Samsung S8 processor

The Samsung S8 has an Octa-core (2.3GHz plus 1.7GHz Quad). That is 64 bit 10nm processor. The operating system of Samsung S 8 is android 7.0 using their Nougat technology.

Other features of Iphone 8

Iphone 8 is expected to have a glass body making it lighter, Nano sim, water resistant phone, 12 MP camera with phase detection auto focus, 4K video and 8MP image recording, have a loud speaker with stereo speakers, active noise cancellation with dedicated mic fingerprint sensor which will be front-mounted, language commands and will be available in several colors such as black, silver, gold, jet black and rose gold.

Other features of Samsung S8

These features include single sim or Nano sim, 12 MP camera with phase detection auto focus, iris scanner and fingerprint scanner which is rear mounted, S-voice natural language commands and detection, photo and document editor, a loud speaker with different ranges of sound level and comes in several colors such as Arctic silver, maple gold, coral blue, Orchid gray and midnight black.

Future market analysis between Apple and Samsung

The two mobile brand companies have a huge market and are usually competing to be the best sellers in mobile brands. Apple is known for manufacturing and designing mobile brands with features that make all the other mobile brands worry. Samsung brand also manufactures and designs mobile brands that also are top notch. Considering the two brands; Samsung S8 and iphone 8, iphone 8 comes with an OLED screen and edge-to-edge display. This is a great blow to Samsung as the Samsung S8 is kind of curvy. This will make Apple sell more iphone 8 brands and therefore surpass the Samsung S8 brand. With the iphone 8 set to be released in September will evidently increase the market scope of Apple and surpass Samsung.


With Apple Company set to release iphone 8, Yesgo brand that manufacture and design iphone cases are also ready to produce the best case for iphone 8. Yesgo brand is a young brand based in China which designs and manufactures iphone cases. The brand is known for manufacturing and designing safe and good quality iphone cases which offer maximum protection for your iphone. Their sophisticated design concept enables them produce fashionable iphone cases.

The new Yesgo iphone 8 cases are designed to meet all your needs of protecting your iphone and at affordable prices. . The case comes with a rugged protective dual layer which defends your iphone from scrapes, dirt and drop. The sides of the case have a non-slip tyre pattern which offers a comfortable and firm grip. The case allows you to easily access buttons on the side all the ports and the whole touch screen.

The Yesgo iphone 8 case offers extra protection by having raised bezel lips with therefore have a sophisticated and improved glass screen protector. This design offers extra protection of the screen and camera when placed on a surface. When you need to charge your iphone you do not need to remove the case as it has enough space to fit most cables. The case has a unique slim design which makes it a fashionable iphone case.

The case is made of high quality shock absorber TPU material. This design meets the RoHS certificate standards. The Yesgo iphone 8 case comes in different colors and is light in weight hence wit will not make your iphone feel heavy. Most cases have sharp edges but for Yesgo iphone 8 cases have smooth curved edges therefore no need to worry about hurting your finger.

The cut-outs have bigger openings which fits Apple USB cables and other cables. The case also does not cover microphones therefore allowing you to use your speakers as usual. The volume button is precisely covered due to the hollow design ensuring excellent responsiveness. The sleek and slim design makes it to fit easily in your pocket and easy to hold.

The prices of Yesgo iphone 8 cases are affordable, starting from $9. Yesgo brand makes it possible for the iphone 8 case to be easily accessed in accessories stores. Their design concept is fashionable, simple and an environmental friendly product. The case is of high quality and very affordable.

Yesgo iphone 8 case has been proved to be the best case for iphone 8. Apart from the great design concept they also have good customer relation to all iphone users. The case is of high quality and very affordable. The main goal of Yesgo brand is making sure they deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction by manufacturing and designing high quality iphone 8 cases. They also offer great guarantee to the iphone 8 case with a hassle free customer service.


Apple has a great plan to produce something new, unique and efficient to the mobile market. The company has a plan of manufacturing and designing the new iphone 8 with the latest technology which is considered to be a big blow to other mobile brands. The iphone 8 is expected to be the company’s biggest smart phone launch in years. As they are going to mark their tenth anniversary they are ready to bring something that will be an icing to the cake for the ten years of designing and manufacturing phone brands. Though the iphone 8 will delay it is expected that they will have high sales.

The reason of delay is the sophisticated design of the screen iphone 8 is expected to have. The iphone 8 is expected to have an OLED screen. Production of the OLED screen has been delayed by close to one and two months. This will make the expectation of units of iphone 8 to be sold reduce by 2.5 million units.

Why Yesgo is the best case for iphone 8

Some people prefer their iphone to be without a case. They love the natural appearance of their iphone. This will not be the case when an iphone user drops his or her iphone. The iphone 8 is expected to come with a glass body; this feature makes it even more risky to have your iphone without a cover on it. If you are not subscribed to an Apple Care plan then purchasing a case for your iphone will be the best choice for you. With the latest and sophisticated technology the iphone cases are designed and manufactured with you are rest assured that your iphone will be completely safe from scratch and drops

There are brands that produce iphone cases. Sometimes iphone users are left at crossroads in choosing the right case for their iphone. Other brands manufacturing iphone cases include; Caseology iphone cases, Ranvoo iphone cases, OtterBox Defender iphone cases, and Atgoin iphone cases. With all these brands it is difficult to choose the best case for your iphone, especially the iphone 8.

Yesgo brand stands out when it comes in designing and manufacturing iphone cases. First of all they are cheap compared to other iphone cases company brands. For someone looking for a rugged case with a boat-load of protection then Yesgo is the best choice for you. They also offer a one warranty for the case meaning you are rest assured that the case is of high quality and will offer maximum protection for your iphone 8.



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