Technical Review of the iPhone 8 and the Yesgo iphone 8 case

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Technical Review of the iPhone 8 and the Yesgo iphone 8 case

When former Apple CEO Steve Jobs presided the release of the first iPhone in 2007

Apple officially made its entrance into the growing cell phone industry. While Apple was widely
reputed as a company specializing in the manufacture of high-end personal computers and computer parts. However, the entrance of the company into the cellphone industry proved to be a major milestone for the mobile phone industry as it launched Apple to the apex of the industry. Moreover, the launch of the of the first iPhone in 2007 launched a new era for the smartphone industry as companies started competing to produce the most advanced smartphones in the industry. However, Apple has remained the top company in the cell-phone industry through its releases of different smartphones in its iPhone Series. The company is set to release the iPhone 8 in 2017, the 10th anniversary of its initial launch of the iPhone Series. If Apple sticks to its usual schedule since 2012, then the company would launch the iPhone 8 in the first or the second
week of September. The iPhone 8 is expected to set the pace for the smartphone industry just like its

The iPhone 8 is expected to hold a number of improvements from the previous iPhone 7 model produced by the company. The improvements in the phone would be in both the hardware aspects of the phone and also in its hardware. Just like its predecessors, the iPhone 8 is set to target the high end of the market with some estimate valuing the phone at about $1000 at the time of its release.

The iPhone 8 is set to improve on certain hardware feature of the iPhone 7. Firstly, while the iPhone 7 screen measures 4.7 inches in length, the iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch screen. This will be a large increase of 1.1 inches in the size of the screen. This increase in screen size will help the new iPhone keep up with the trend of phones with big screens hitting the market. Moreover, the large screen of the phone will help the phone compete with other phones in the market such as the Samsung Galaxy 7 and Samsung Galaxy 7s which are expected to be the major competitors in the market.

Secondly, the iPhone 8 is also expected to introduce a new full glass design. This will be a shift from the traditional full-metal body design that the cell phone manufacturer has used for all its previous iPhone designs. The full glass design gives the phone a classy appearance setting it apart from other competing brands. Moreover, the cell phone will also have a curved back cover that will allow it fit more comfortably in the palm of the users. Therefore, the iPhone 8’s body design is set to make the phone more classy and comfortable for the users. The cell phone manufacturer is expected to introduce a new edge to edge OLED display screen. This increases the space available on the screen for the users of the phone to perform various functions such as playing games. The design will also do away with the home button present in previous iPhone designs and introduce a virtual home button only accessible through the touchscreen of the phone. However, the introduction of the virtual home button is also expected to reduce the amount of space available on the screen of the phone to display apps and to perform other functions.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to have a longer battery life that would allow the users to use the phone for a longer period while on the go without the need for recharge. The phone will also incorporate a flash charging system that allows the phone to maximize on charging speed thus requiring a shorter period to fully charge the phone. Unlike the former iPhone models, the iPhone8 will include a wireless charging system which increases the portability of the phone and allow easy charging at different locations. However, the design will retain the flat jack headphones used for previous iPhone models.

The iPhone 8 will also feature several upgrades in software from the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 will incorporate the iOS 11 operating system. The phone will also make use of augmented reality supported by its new operating system. This will mean that the new iPhone will allow users to integrate digital images captured using their cameras into the apps on the phone. For example, the phone will allow users to integrate sceneries captured through their cameras into games on the phone thus creating a more realistic gaming experience adapted to the needs of each user. Moreover, a 3D facial recognition software and an iris scanner will improve the security on the cell phone.

In anticipation of the release of the iPhone 8, Yesgo is in the process of designing a new iPhone 8 case that will meet the specific requirements of the features of the phone and the needs of the users. The iPhone 8 casing will be equipped with both a front flap and a back flap to protect the phone from damage both in the front and the back. The case will also have slots at the back to allow users to use the back camera of the phone and the flash function or the torch without requiring to remove the phone from its casing. The case will also have a slot on the front flap that allows users to see caller IDs and receive the caller or reject the call without requiring to open the flap. Moreover, the Yesgo iPhone 8 case will have a slot on the bottom to allow for easy use of the headsets without the need to remove the phone from its cover. However, the case will not have a slot for the phone charger in keeping with the phone’s wireless charging features. The casing will be equipped with a specialized back plate that will allow for wireless charging without the need to remove the phone from its casing. The Yesgo iPhone 8 cases will be available for users in different colors to fit the specific color requirements of the users. The cases will be available at all iPhone outlets and the users will have the option to purchase the cases with every purchase of an iPhone 8 unit.

The Yesgo iPhone cases will definitely be the best high-quality cases in the market after the release of iPhone 8. Yesgo is among the brands with the top sales because of its genuine products.Yesgo iPhone cases are definitely going to record the best sales after the release because iPhone lovers have anticipated long enough to use the new iPhone 8 smartphone with powerful features.

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