Win iPhone 7 plus Military Heavy Duty Hybrid Rugged Protective Case

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Win iPhone 7 plus Military Heavy Duty Hybrid Rugged Protective Case

Presenting to you the Yesgo sleek, quality iPhone plus a case that is blowing every mind off. The Yesgo manufacturers have done it again! Available at the most convenient prices in all our stalls. Do not miss the sale of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases. A shockproof, anti- scratch protective kit, RoHS, a dual layer of shock absorbers, non-slip grip protection fitted with TPU that's the deal that the Yesgo case brings to the table.

I would comfortably say this product has compiled all the details all iPhone users required on what is an "ideal case" I am the kind of people who, I would not use the word "reckless' but I am not exactly careful when handling phones. Some time back walking down the Streets of New York after purchasing a new phone; mind you I had to replace the one I had initially since the cracks on the screen had formed a complete web of lines of weakness, it was so bad, at times it would scratch my thumb as I tried to swipe across the screen. After buying a new phone I thought to myself, this time it has to different. "The old dog had to learn new tricks" at all costs. I walked to a stall acquired myself a new iPhone case and after fitting it into my phone I walked away confidently knowing that this was going to be a fresh new start for my already dented relationship with smart phones. Woe unto me. Had I known what laid before me, Cutting my long story short, at the end of the day, I was back to my "old habits" a broken screen and a more frustrated guy. The case I counted on was so awful, it was extremely dense, I dropped my phone trying to reach for the mute button when my phone rang in a board meeting. It did not only cost me but also embarrassed me a great deal.

It has been a few weeks since I acquired my Yesgo iPhone 7 plus case. Should I say I am still counting my blessings?The case is attractive, worth its value and well effective. Its packaging is attractive, it comes with a free screen protector that is top quality. As if not enough, the following features will speak for the product.

-Full- Protection Specs At its very least, phone protection is the sole goal of a phone's case. Or what do you look at when identifying a suitable case?

-Dual layers of protection and shock absorbers The Yesgo iPhone 7 plus case is for nothing but safety and quality. Made up of more than one protection layer and fitted with high-quality TPU rubber that acts as shock absorbers, even at the worst of drops your phone is assured of cushioning. You no longer have to limit your fun moments with family, friends and loved ones with endless precautionary measures.

-The TPU a cellular pattern on the inner layer that keeps your phone protected and slight protrusions on the outside. This also minimizes any chance of breakage if you accidentally sit on your phone at its back.
Still not convinced?

-Free Screen protector.Normally, a quality screen protector will cost you almost similar worth of the case if not slightly more. The Yesgo case is accompanied with a screen protector which for me is generally good. The protector has no effect on the phone's motion sensor it is naturally easy to fit. I have identified no fault with it and I would highly recommend it as a safety kit.Also accompanying the same are wipes. They are effective, reusable and work over other electronics such as the iPad. I think it is a bright idea that other manufacturers should buy.

RoHS standard requirements The Yesgo iPhone 7 plus cases are RoHS Eco-friendly. They meet the standard certified RoHS requirements and are therefore safe for use.
Performance SpecsYesgo case designers have ensured that the case does not in any way affect the usage and productivity of your phone. What do I mean by this?
Well cut out an earphone, microphone, and USB ports Have you come across boring cases that limit you from charging your phone? This supposedly due to the fact that the cut out port allowance hole is too small. Yesgo phone cases have well cut out and wider port allowances for the USB, head sets, and microphones. There is also a reasonable allowance for the mute, volume buttons, the camera and the logo at the back.These allow you to comfortably use your phone normally.Performance capability at its best.

Design, Shape and Outer Appearance The case can be said to be "best fit" it matches the size of the iPhone, easily told from the easiness in fitting it. The case is not bulky and does not add on to the size of your phone significantly. I hardly believed it's a dual layer.Cases come in a range of colors according to your taste. With all these amazing specs am convinced it is the long awaited game changer I needed.
You can shop with us for the Yesgo iPhone 7 plus case at all our retail stalls. We guarantee; Convenient pricing, we are committed to ensuring you enjoy an ultimate shopping experience. We believe in quality and in repaying quality with quality. Shopping with us also gives you a chance to enjoy our bonuses when they come up. Stop looking further. You just found the ultimate shopping destination.

Our warm, welcoming customer service and support will persuade you to come back again and again. We value our clients and we are open to interactions and any comments on how to make our service to you worth your while. With our contact lines and emails always open always feel free to send feedback and inquiry. Our support desk is always on the watch for you.

We are always open to compensating our clients and we allow for unconditional refundable in cases of quality problems or defective commodities. For your shopping needs on computers, electronics, and electronic related gadgets we are the solution. An ultimate shopping experience with the best of the best offering the best from the best to the best. Shop for Yesgo products and so much more.


Win iPhone 7 plus Military Heavy Duty Hybrid Rugged Protective Cases

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