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Quality Guarantee

Hello Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing to buy our products! We guarantee that all the products have been carefully produced and inspected.

To ensure products quality and the product safety, the seller make the following promise:

Firstly, by principle the products are manufactured based on the product specifications. The national standard is followed. After the customer placed order, seller formally offer products ensure safety, quality passed and 1 year warranty.

Second, the seller provides the quaity warranty to the buyer. For any unsatisfactory, the seller will arrange refunding or returnin within the quality period.

Third, the seller provides prompt after-service and make buyer completely satisfied with it.

Fourth, th supplier ensures that the products is comply with the offical quality standard and each product passed full quality inspections.

Fifth, the seller ensures that the packaging and trademark of the products match the relevant state regulation.

Sixty, the storage and safekeeping condition is indicated on the product package, to ensure the product quality, or is responsible for the caused quality problem.

Seventh, consumer complains due to the product quality problems, the supplier should actively cooperate to properly resolve it. if it is indeed the responsibility of the seller, the seller shall bear full responsiility and expense.

Eighth, if it is indeed to the quality problem of the seller products, the seller bears the loss caused by the using of the products.

Thanks you for your trust and support.

With best regards!